All of the logistics and consolidation services you need

From end-to-end logistics to support, Caribbean International Group has you covered.


As a logistics company, it should come as no surprise that we offer one of the best logistics and consolidation services in the Caribbean. With this service, you will get access to end-to-end logistical support for any product you need shipped or delivered to your location. We work with air, sea, and land freight companies to ensure you get your product when required. So, the Caribbean International Group is here to support you if you need a shipment to head out next week or next year.

Consolidate all materials, warehouse them, load them, and bulk ship them.

If you want to move material at the best possible price, then bulk shipping is where it is. Our team can coordinate consolidating your materials as they come in stateside. Once we have them, we will warehouse them and load them onto a vessel when it works for you. Bulk shipping is slow, but it is the best pricing you will find in the logistics industry, and you will need to build time for backups or other issues that could come with sea shipping.

Optimize the timeline for the project schedule

With our years of experience, you can better optimize your timeline for your scheduled project. Our team will be able to work out when you need materials delivered and when you need them stored. This will allow you to maximize work time on site while limiting the risk of having builders standing around without the materials to complete the job. We will work with your project managers to understand and phase out the logistics to ensure we are at least one step ahead of the project regarding material delivery and shipping.

Palletizing, packing, load a container

Dealing with container shipping is never fun, but it is all part of the job for our team. Do not worry about containerized headaches, and let our team handle palleting, packing and loading the container so your materials arrive on time and as expected.

Items are shipped in a container or flight

Whether you are looking to ship via vessel or plane, our team can help. We are experts in marine and air shipping and can work out a schedule that works around your build schedule and keeps costs low for logistics. Logistics in the Caribbean is like a fine-tuned machine; we will have the materials singing when done with Caribbean International Group.


If you are looking for outstanding logistical support in the Caribbean, then now is the time to call the experts at Caribbean International Group and discover the difference a quality logistics team can make on your next project.