Custom Material Production made accessible in the Caribbean

Access your dream materials with ease with Caribbean International Group.


Whether you are looking to build out from scratch or for a custom piece at the forefront of your home, Caribbean International Group can help with your custom material production. We have been facilitating custom builds for years and know the best sourcing, suppliers, and builders on each island we work with. From cabinets to railings and everything in between, our team is your conduit to a beautiful custom piece you will not find anywhere else in the Caribbean.


Cabinets are great to customize but doing so in an island paradise can present a challenge. Everything from the hardware to the wood used will most likely have to be shipped in. That is where Caribbean International Group comes in and can provide logistical support to organize, source and install your custom cabinets. With our team at your side, your cabinet installation for your kitchen or bathroom will be a breeze.

Shower Doors

Shower doors are often an afterthought in a build, but our team knows all about them. Depending on your location, sourcing a shower door that will work for your space may present some unique challenges. That is why so many in the Caribbean have worked with our company to source, deliver and install custom shower doors that will wow. Whether we are discussing a glass door, a French door or anything else you have in mind, anything can be possible when working with Caribbean International Group.


Whether we are talking interior or exterior railings, we have sourced them all. Our team has sourced everything from wood to iron and even custom-ordered materials that you can only dream of. So, if you want to build out a stunning piece in your entrance or need a replacement railing for the back door, Caribbean International Group can be the conduit to a successful installation in only a few short weeks.

Custom Metal Fabrication

If you are looking for custom metal fabrication for any part of your home or resort, the team at Caribbean International Group can help. We have sourced and found some of the top artisans and metal workers in the Caribbean and the United States to provide custom metal fabrication, which will wow. Our team can assist if we are building out your dream golf simulator or need something else.


If you are looking for outstanding logistical support in the Caribbean, then now is the time to call the experts at Caribbean International Group and discover the difference a quality logistics team can make on your next project.