Hotel supplies are delivered when you need them

Stop hoping and trust a company that can deliver the supplies to your hotel when needed.


As a certified logistics leader, the Caribbean International Group team is well-versed in providing hotels with desperately needed supplies. Depending on your location, sourcing, and ensuring you take delivery of specific supplies can be a challenge. For instance, sourcing can be difficult if you operate in a remote location or somewhere with only water or air access. However, that is where our team comes in and can provide you with end-to-end logistics for your hotel supplies, including pool and light fixtures.

Pool Supplies

Dealing with a commercial pool can present some unique challenges for a company. We are proud to provide our hotel clients access to industrial pool supplies, including cleaning, chlorine, and salt, to ensure their pools meet health standards throughout the year. We also can provide a variety of support in securing US-based or other chemicals that may not be able to be found in your location.

Light Fixtures

Whether you are looking to complete a redesign with new tableside lamps or need a good supply of chandeliers for a new wing that you are building, the Caribbean International Group has you covered. We have some of the top sources of lighting fixtures in the Caribbean at our fingertips, and if we cannot find what you are looking for in the country, we can coordinate and deliver the light fixtures you need.

Golf Carts

Whether you are planning a golf course or looking to replace ageing carts, we have the sourcing to get you the golf carts you need. We can source electric or gas-powered units, and depending on your needs, we can also add features such as GPS-enabled touch screens that will be a value-add for your guests.

Tractors / Mowers

With our access to some of the biggest dealers and suppliers in the Caribbean, accessing and delivering tractors or mowers are a breeze for our team. We have been doing this for years and can find the perfect kit for your needs.


If you are looking for outstanding logistical support in the Caribbean, then now is the time to call the experts at Caribbean International Group and discover the difference a quality logistics team can make on your next project.